This is my first blog post about my project; Doing Good where I have been crowd funding (please consider donating) simply to try and do a little bit of good for the planet. Each dollar I receive I am going to try and do a little bit of good with it, but you have to donate, then see what I do (I cant tell you upfront what I might do because the money dictates the possibilities)… Right now is the shopping list from the first $25 people like you have donated.

Shopping List – Exactly $25 Spent;

  • $2 – Backpack – Bought second hand from disposals shop.
  • $5.27 – Yates 50ml Purple Clonex Rooting Hormone Gel – (on special at garden store).
  • $8 – Secateurs, two floral snip scissors, pruning saw, hand-trowel, hand-fork, hand-cultivator, hand-weeder.
  • $1 – Bag of 32 resealable ‘large’ sandwich bags.
  • 30c – Recycled paper (FSC certified) note pad.
  • 60c – 2 x HB pencils.
  • 80c – Cheap permanent marker.
  • $2.98 – 12 compartment organizer/storage box.
  • $4.05 – 20kg Sandpit sand.

I have started putting together a kind of survivalist backpack that goes in my car so I can take cuttings, collect seed (if you plan to do the same check what licenses you might need). I have also put in it from my own pocket;

  • $8.97 – 50 No.5 Tudor seed-envelopes
  • $22 – Basic first aid kit.

What have I done so far? I have made a number of cuttings (4 tests) of a Tahitian Lime Tree (Citrus × latifolia), (4 tests) of a Muscat-grape vine using resources about propagation found online at freeplants. I have also made cuttings of Australian natives; (4 tests) Western Silver Wattle (Acacia decora), (8 tests) Lilly Pilly (Syzygium smithii), (12 tests) Midyim Berry (Austromyrtus dulcis), (2 tests) Native Currant (Coprosma quadrifida). So why these plants?

  • Limes – the plants will make nice gifts.
  • Muscat grape vines – wine & juice to share with friends.
  • Western Silver Wattle – indigenous to where I live and the seeds taste fantastic in a number of different uses. I’ll post some recipes later as an addition to my sharing and ‘doing good’.
  • Lilly Pilly – good for both jam and gin…
  • Midyim Berry – good for both jam and gin…
  • Native Currant – because it tastes fantastic in a number of different uses.

I intend to make a bunch more cuttings (as I have a huge amount of old plant pots, and people are happy to give them away. 50ml of clonex should do 250-500 cuttings, and in small pots of river sand I shouldn’t need too many more bags to get a real production line going.

  1. Clone a lot of indigenous plants so that I can increase the biodiversity of my area, specifically my current land holding of 2023 square metres. In so doing create a resource and knowledge base of edible indigenous plants to the Riverina Region.
  2. Clone a lot of other useful household plants for family and friends. Making a map of good plant material and making contact with people who are interested in sharing in the knowledge and wealth gardening brings.

I am eager to get material to clone good lemons, oranges and mandarins to get my own stocks up. Well, thats where I am at for $25.

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