One of the things I am eager to do is to ensure that not just the environmental or ecological notes are added to the Wagga Flora website, but also that a number of cultural notes are included to provide a really rounded resource. I have begun doing this with the first page being Butterbush (Pittosporum angustifolium). Each page where the plant has specific known cultural purposes will include the Wiradjuri name (as the traditional custodians of the land in which the site details), the plants known utility (or how it can be used), notes on the use as traditional food source (if applicable) and notes on other and medicinal uses if records show.

Each of these new sections are included based upon a number of different sources, and as such the language is very careful. For instance, not all Wiradjuri groups consulted in previous literature consider Butterbush (Pittosporum angustifolium) to be an aphrodisiac, or, if it was, that knowledge was not shared or known and therefore cannot be expressed as being a single use by all groups across Wiradjuri Garray (land).

Similarly as these are cultural notes on a principally scientific website, the wording is similarly careful not to express that things ARE edible, only that groups did eat it. I am seeking grants to undertake toxicology reports to scientifically confirm (what I suspect Wiradjuri groups know) but so that we can be more explicit in specific uses… maybe we will find the next ‘superfood‘.

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