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On a whim I created a gofundme campaign, it was designed to be a joke, nobody was supposed to donate anything to me, the idea I would beg in my position of relative privelege to make me a millionaire was meant to be stupid. The idea was that people would give me money, expecting nothing in return… and people have started to. When the first donation came in, my heart sunk… somebody had given me $5 of their hard earned money for what felt like no good reason. What was my contract with them? There was none, I did not claim that any donations would go towards doing anything to benefit anyone! My only claim was that I would somehow, do good (if I could) with the donation… so… now, wanting to hold that word, I will keep a blog below on occasions when I withdraw from that account to ‘take stock of the good that I am doing’… and to maybe, for those few dollar donations, do something really worthwhile. This blog isn’t for them though, because they donated to me not expecting anything. This is for me. To make me accountable to ‘doing good’.

– Chris

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Doing Good: $25

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This is my first blog post about my project; Doing Good where I have been crowd funding (please consider donating) simply to try and do a little bit of good…