Third Mass Extinction: Counting Biodiversity Loss since February 24th 2014

The measuring of change over time: from the vast expanse from the birth of our known universe, the fortuitous yet random appearance of our species home in planet earth, to the first signs of life and then on to the moment you read this sentence and it appears, ever onwards to progress… …Somewhere between four and a half million and six million years ago our lineage diverged from other primates, three and a half million years ago our common ancestor began to walk upright & two and half million years ago, we began to use basic stone tools and to form larger community groups. Then somewhere between one hundred thousand years, and two hundred and fifty thousand years ago, what we designate as Homo sapiens appeared.

Bipedal, self reflective, imaginative… …how awesome to be alive, and to know it. What was not to like? … In short, death was not to like.

Some things in our experience seem immoveable, unwavering & unchanged with time, others seem to change and fluctuate wildly. Yet, more things come and go largely unnoticed. This clock is a measure of change over time, a measure of biodiversity loss: of the silent disappearance of plants, animals & insects from planet earth… …99.9% of all plants and animal species that have ever lived are no longer on the face of planet earth. This Extinction Clock counts in measures so that we can not just see the enormity over time, but also to see the count rise as we sit, providing for reflection on a very human scale.

For me, the scale is since I began my PhD.