My partner and I bought a block of land in 2012. At that time our 2000 square meter block of land was the same size as the global arable land per-capita. In 2018, the arable land per capita is 1910 square meters. In 2023 (not accounting for worsening climate change) it is estimated it will be 1830 square meters.

In the years 2012-2018, the Australian arable land per capita has fallen from 20,700 sqm to 19,300 sqm. Between now and 2023 (five years), every square meter of arable Australian soil will have to increase yield by 6.85%.

Project (or project) 2023 is a starting conversation to re-imagine the limits to growth. Is it a project (with a determined outcome) or is it to project and constantly re-imagine futures?