This website describes more than 80 plant species native to the Wagga Wagga area, with an emphasis on those forms of plant life typically excluded from re-vegetation projects, namely shrubs, forbs and grasses. Historically, revegetation has tended to emphasise tree planting to the exclusion of all else. It is the aim of this guide to encourage the diversification of re-vegetation sites by highlighting a suite of locally native middle- and understorey species. Planting species with a range of growth forms increases the habitat value of revegetation sites, providing benefits to native fauna and potentially encouraging beneficial insects to combat pests. This guide provides advice on where to see these species in their natural habitats as well as guidance on how to propagate them. The species included here are those found in the Graham Centre Biodiversity Nursery, located on the Graham Centre Field Site.

Go to the Site: http://scci.csu.edu.au/waggaflora/

Images above courtesy of David Orchard.

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Wagga Flora: Cultural Notes

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